Pučišća in TOP 10 the most beautiful European villages

Pučišća in TOP 10 the most beautiful European villages

List of 10 the most beautiful European villages including one Croatian village. It is about Pučišća, a place on the northern coast of the island of Brač.

A lot of small and really beautiful places are located in Europe, but they are not as well known as some modern and sophisticated destinations. Bad traffic connections, too little promotion of place or too much distance from popular tourist attractions are just some of the reasons why tourists do not visit these beautiful locations. However, there are still those people who have decided to visit them and based on their impressions and experiences has been published a list of 10 the most beautiful European villages including one Croatian village. It is about Pučišća, a place on the northern coast of the island of Brač.

Natural beauty

The Mediterranean and pleasant climate make Pučišća the perfect vacation spot during the whole year. This island's jewel will truly impress you with the beauty of nature, olive trees, Mediterranean smells and long walking trails with numerous "oases" for peace, relaxation and enjoyment in the sea's charms. The beaches are more than beautiful, and the sea is more than clean.

White Mediterranean houses

Something that makes Pučišća special are numerous white Mediterranean houses. This specific white stone comes from here, so the place is known for its stonemasonry tradition. In the nearby quarry, there is a stone that has built many buildings, and particularly worthy of mentioning is the White House in Washington.

Luka 13 kula (Port of 13 towers)

Pučišća is often called "Luka 13 Kula " because in the past there were 13 towers that served as protection against the constant attacks of the pirates. Sounds like a movie, right? It was really like that. Although history was not the most beautiful for this lovely place, it has retained its beauty and specific character throughout the centuries. At the entrance to the port, you can see the rebuilt tower, and if you can "catch" the mister Matjašić, who has invested a lot of effort and time in the rebuilding of the tower, you will have the chance to see it. Trust us, it's worth it!

International Summer Music School in Pučišća

One of the longest summer traditions of the island of Brač is certainly the International Summer Music School. In July and August, you can enjoy the most beautiful melodies coming from the center of Pučišća. Thanks to its long tradition, the school has been awarded the title of the largest international educational and cultural project in Europe. It has educated more than 4,000 participants, and it's organizing 80 music events annually.

Stonemason School in Pučišća

It would be really unusual if a place that stands out with special stone and a century-old tradition of masonry doesn't have a stonemason school. Stonemason School in Pučišća is unique in this part of Europe. If you are not a school student, but you are interested in how it looks stone-to-sculpture process you can pay a ticket and walk through the workshop with one of the craftsmen. Maybe you'll be a bit dusty, but you'll bring a unique experience home.

Experience a small piece of paradise

After all, you have read, we believe that you will agree that Pučišća was reasonably listed on the list of the most beautiful villages in Europe. Well, it is impossible to describe the beauty and the peculiarity of this island's pearl, so we recommend that you put Pučišća on your list of desired destinations and visit it!

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