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Plešivica Wine Road – mini Tuscany

Plešivica Wine Road – mini Tuscany

Not far from Zagreb, on Plešivica slopes, there are centuries-old vineyard sites known as Plešivica amphitheaters. Due to their natural position and slope, these amphitheaters of fertile land are excellent for the production of top quality grapes and wine.

What is beaujolais in France is Portuguese in Croatia, whose enticing taste on the Plešivica Wine Road you can enjoy on 36 hospitable farms with a wide wine and gastronomic offer. The vineyards climb above 400 m above sea level, in some cases they are very steep, but gentle, slightly sloping hills predominate.

What Jaska is best known for is the Plešivica Wine Road, opened in 2001. Due to the position of many smaller and larger vineyards scattered on the hills of Plešivica, many will like to compare them with amphitheaters, and associate the wine road with a miniature Tuscany near Zagreb.

On Plešivica you can find over a hundred indigenous grape varieties. The whole area of Plešivica is characterized by mostly white wines, sparkling and calm, usually fresh and light, with very nice floral and fruity aromas, but more and more complex, aged, macerated wines. Graševina, chardonnay, Rhine Riesling, neuburger, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Traminer, fragrant Traminer, Sauvignon, Green Silvana, Yellow Plavec - there is a really rich palette of wine varieties on Plešivica. From year to year, Plešivica wines win numerous awards throughout Croatia and beyond.

Plešivička Wine Road tourist offer can be divided into 3 types: all winemakers offer wine tasting in their cellars, some winemakers, in addition to tasting, also have a catering offer, ie offer indigenous local food, the latter in addition to tasting and catering offer accommodation in beautifully decorated accommodation. buildings, with a view of the Plešivica "vineyard" amphitheater that leaves everyone breathless.

The Plešivica Wine Road mostly radiates a special atmosphere during late summer and autumn when the harvest lasts. Thus, already at the end of summer, the Plešivica hills begin to exude ripe grapes, creating a pleasant aroma in the air. At this time, diligent pickers, often made up of families and friends, bring joyful unrest to their vineyards, gathering the fruits of their year-round care and effort in baskets and containers, which are later transported mainly by tractors along the Plešivica Wine Road to wineries and cellars. into a noble drop of wine.

It is important to point out that the year-round viticultural works over time have grown into a local tradition, according to which each phase of vineyard cultivation throughout the year is marked by the celebration of viticultural saints in the form of wine festivals. Thus, during the works in the Plešivica vineyards, Vincekovo is celebrated in January, Jurjevo in April, Urbanovo in May, Ivanje in June, Miholje in September and finally, in November, the most famous Martinje, when young wine is baptized.

The Plešivica Wine Road is certainly one of the destinations of continental Croatia worthy of all attention.






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