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Among the many beautiful and interesting destinations, estates and households where it is possible to spend unforgettable moments with colleagues and get rid of work, we decided to list six locations which has delighted us and we believe that every team will like them, too.

Gorski Kotar

The most green part of Croatia, Gorski kotar, is simply perfect for all kinds of excursions, spending time in nature and recreation. That is why it is an ideal destination for team building. On the green river Kupa will enjoy both kids and adults because the program on river is intended to all generations. In the offer are canoe safari and rafting excursion. Along the river there is a rafting center where it is possible to organize picnic, lunch, barbecue ...There is also one of the most beautiful natural sensations in the vicinity that is worth a visit, and that is Vražji prolaz (the Devil's Passage). This passage is located in the area of Zeleni vir, and is often considered as an excursion destination for those of a little bit more brave. Its special beauty is the sumptuous and lush forest vegetation, which makes this natural pearl well known outside the borders of Croatia.


In the southern part of Eastern Istria is the village of Barban. It is a settlement that is the right choice in every season. Ideal for family vacations, explorative adventures, romantic lovers who prefer peaceful places or team building trips. Here you will have the chance to drive terrain vehicles through the forest paths, and the road could take you to the nearby Ranch Barba Tone where you will have the opportunity to ride horses, meet up with many animals and experience a real ranch lunch in the "western" style. After an exciting afternoon visit St. Nikola near Raklja from where you can enjoy a view of Kvarner and Raški zaljev (bay), which will leave you breathless.

Adrenalin park Cadmos Village

Close to the picturesque village of Komaji, on 4000 square meters of untouched nature is located the Adrenalin park Cadmos Village. It is a real adventure destination for those who are looking for recreation and adrenaline, but there are also possibilities for excursions, and part of the offer is intended for children.

The park consists of three levels - the first one is raised to one meter of height, the other at four, and the third one rises from six to ten meters. Upgrading to a higher level is done with zipline, and there are bicycles that you can rent for park driving and enjoying nature. There is also a restaurant where you can return your energy with some delicious food. A lot of attractions and content are hidden here so everyone can find something for themselves.

And in the heart of this beautiful park there is another interesting thing - a house on the tree.

The house can be rented and it will give you a fantastic experience where the day begins with the birds singing and the impressive view of Konavle.

Taborište - Korablja Tišinić

About fifty kilometers from Zagreb, in the village of Taborište, is located the resort of Korablja (Ark) Tišinić. This little family farm with a small zoo and an old ark will delight every visitor. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the greenery and see various animals such as peacocks, ostriches, donkeys and others. Forest poligon, rod race, treasure hunting, fire fighting competitions, orientation competitions, construction of natural material shelters are just some of the many activities that you will be able to do here. You can also try archery, yoga and meditation accompanied by professional instructors. You will be welcomed by warm and friendly staff who will make your stay at this estate even more enjoyable. The resort also offers a large number of ready-to-eat meals, grilled melas, various drinks and delicious desserts.

Bratina - Krašograd

The place perfect for escape from everyday obligations, sitting in the office, a hard work, a place for all adventurers and those looking for relaxation in the most beautiful rural ambience - Ekopark Krašograd. Krašograd is located near Zagreb, in the small picturesque village Bratina. The estate is surrounded by forests, allowing you to see indigenous wild animals such as deer, rabbits and pheasants as well as various bird species. A large number of interesting activities and content are on this highly specific estate. You can have fun on football, tennis and volleyball grounds, and later refresh yourself in the outdoor pool. You can look aroung the whole ecopark by little train or by boat on the lake. At the lake there is also a beautiful terrace of the restaurant "Domaćica", which is named like famous Kraš biscuits. There is also a mini zoo whose inhabitants are deer, horses, donkeys, sheep and goats.

Lonjsko polje - Etno village Stara Lonja

In the heart of Lonjsko polje is located Etno village Stara Lonja. Pure air and untouched nature have been created to provide breathtaking moments with family, friends and colleagues. Here you will have the opportunity to row in canoes far away from civilization in the beautiful wilderness. Canoe safari is designed for all ages, so there are organized routes of 5 to 35 kilometers depending on age, desire, strength and condition. During rowing, you will experience the scenes that you will remember for life. Besides canoeing, in the old village of Stara Lonja you can enjoy walking, cycling, football, basketball, badminton and an antique bowling. Also, you can rent boats and go fishing alone or with your host. With friendly hosts you will have the opportunity to make lunch in an old threshing barn.

Klet Kozjak

Among the hills, in the heart of Hrvatsko Zagorje, is the village Kozjak. Klet Kozjak is rich in offer for children and adults. Adults will have an opportunity to enjoy nature, walk on mountain roads and ride bicycles. For those who want a bit more intensive recreation, near the estate there is a tennis court. In front of the building on the spacious meadow there is everything a kid needs - sand, swings, slides and playing area. And for those who want to try out rural activities, it can also be organized work in the field and the farm. Another advantage of this place is the vicinity of museums, castles and spas.

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