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Original Croatian souvenirs: What to bring home as a memory of Croatia?

Original Croatian souvenirs: What to bring home as a memory of Croatia?

When we travel to another city or country, we usually want to bring some souvenir, figure or postcard as a memory to that trip. People mostly buy lighters, glasses, magnets and cups with a flag or a photo of a destination, but why not buy an indigenous souvenir, something for which a particular place is recognizable? For this reason, we've decided to list several original Croatian souvenirs as a perfect memory of staying in our beautiful country.


Croatia is known for its very long tradition of lace making, so lace is an ideal souvenir and a product that tells the story of Pag, Hvar and Hrvatsko zagorje, which stand out as the three main centers of lace making. Particularly popular is Pag lace packed in a framework on the nice wooden box and under the box there is a part with Pag salt. Lace is a beautiful detail and decoration for every wall.

Vučedol dove

One of the oldest places in Croatia's history is Vučedol, which is now known as an archaeological site. Since former inhabitants of this area were skilled ceramists, here is made another one original Croatian souvenir - the Vučedol dove. It is a ceramic pot, shaped like a dove, dark and decorated with white details. Vučedol dove has become one of the main symbols of the town of Vukovar.

Licitar heart

Once upon a time, young men expressed sympathy for girls by giving them 'licitars' - colorful decorated honey dough cookies. Honey cookies are mostly linked to continental Croatia because they were made here thanks to the creative people of these regions.

Today, 'licitars' are favorite souvenirs of many tourists and they are produced in various sizes and shapes, and the most famous one is - licitar heart.

Croatian interlace (pleter)

Croatian interlace is one of the most recognizable symbols of old Croatian culture and an ornament you can often see in Croatian medieval churches and early Croatian monasteries. As such, it became a popular souvenir and motif on various items that you can find in almost every souvenir shop in all parts of our country.


Who would say that one of the most popular, or maybe the most popular, fashion accessories comes from Croatia? The tie is an invention of Croatian soldiers in the French service that wore it so they can easier recognize each other on the battlefield. Many tourists do not know that the tie is croatian product, so this fact will surely delight them and maybe they wish to complement the collection in the closet with the original Croatian fashion accessories.


Another edible Croatian souvenir is so called 'paprenjak' - rectangular, aromatic cake with folklore motifs and a special relief. The name comes from the word "pepper", but it should be pointed out that the cookies from Hvar do not contain pepper at all, while the cookies from Zagreb have it.


Various eco-products made from lavender and souvenirs in the form of fragrant bags and pillows of unusual shapes and designs are certainly an excellent souvenir that will always remind you of our coastal towns. Among other things, lavender products are long-lasting, so your home will be long filled with the scent of freshness and the Mediterranean.

Olive oil

It's no news that Croatian olive oil is one of the best in the world, so the cute mini bottles of oil are an excellent souvenir and a memory of our country. Depending on the destination you visit, you can find oil bottles in the packaging that is characteristic of some area (bottles with the image of Diocletian's Palace in Split, St. James's Cathedral in Sibenik etc.)

Šibenik cap

If you choose to visit Šibenik, don't go home without a Šibenik cap. The Croatians have already shown a lot of creativity before, when it comes to fashion accessories for military uniforms, so apart from the tie, there is also the orange-colored Šibenik cap decorated with black "bule" (embroidered ornaments).

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