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Nin beach made for Kings/Queens

Nin beach made for Kings/Queens

Do you want a royal treatment? One of the most beautiful beaches in the world, according to the choice of the American Travel Channel, will allow you to do just that. It got its name 11 centuries ago, it is the longest in Croatia, and today thousands visit it for health and kitesurfing. The most beautiful and most famous 3 km long beach located at the western end of the lagoon and stretches in the direction of Sabunika with the bears the royal name - Queen's Beach.

"After he was crowned, the first Croatian king Tomislav came with his family on vacation to the city of Nin, whose divine peace he had already been delighted with. During his stay in Nin, Queen Jelena usually went to the sandy beach near which there is healing mud. On the recommendation of her courtiers, she coated her skin with this black mixture, which would shine after a few days with a new glow. In the whole country, the queen loved that long Nin beach the most, which was popularly called the Queen's beach. And every time the king stayed in Nin, the queen enjoyed the beach in the company of her entourage. " Throughout history, several famous Croatian rulers stopped in Nin. Queen Jelena was one of the first (about whom there are records) to recognize the healing properties of Nin mud.

This is the legend of the Queen's Beach, the largest locality of medicinal peloid mud in Croatia, with a volume of 120 thousand cubic meters, which year after year attracts an increasing number of visitors from different parts of the world. Nin has been an open spa for various ailments since 1960, and treatment includes smearing with mud and sunbathing in the morning sun followed by rinsing in the sea. It consists of humus and minerals formed by the decomposition of various plants through a long natural process in the salty sea in a shallow lagoon. Extraction and use is free and available to everyone. As it is extracted from its natural environment it is always fresh and of the best quality.

A network of wooden walking paths has been built up to the beach part through a unique biodiversity area where “side by side” lies as many as 4 habitats of the NATURA 2000 network with endemic and rare plant species. According to biologists, such shaping of nature is a natural botanical garden unique in Croatia, and perhaps in Europe.

The sea is warm and comfortable for swimming and even during the season you can expect a light wind. Precisely because of the frequent winds, this beach is home to many active athletes, among whom the most numerous are kitesurfers.

The American Travel Channel declared the Nin lagoon one of the 100 most beautiful beaches in the world. Playboy photo model and presenter of travel television Channel Travel USA, Bridget Marquardt filmed the most beautiful beaches in the world for her show. In March 2009, she included the Queen's Beach in Nin on the list of the most beautiful beaches in the world. She visited the most beautiful beaches in the world, and ranked the beaches in Croatia (and Queen's Beach) in 2nd place, just behind Australia, and ahead of Hawaii, Spain, Mexico, Florida, Barbados and other famous destinations, and promoted them in her TV show. Beautiful natural sandy beaches Ždrijac and Kraljičina plaža, according to ADAC in 2009 are among the most beautiful in Dalmatia.

Whether you came for the treatment with healing mud, family swimming, kitesurfing competition or a sand festival, the Queen's Beach in a row with the beach Ždrijac and Prodorica makes a unique sandy beach in the length of 7 kilometers. Nowhere on the Croatian Adriatic coast is there such a long beach.

Experience Queen's Beach as a place under the sun where nature heals skin, lungs and soul, as a place once named by the Queen, and your photos at this location will surely hit Instagram.

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