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Neretva delta – golden valley of Croatia

Neretva delta – golden valley of Croatia

The Neretva is more than a river, it is life or as it is called - 'NERA ETVA' - God's gift. Whether you come for the best fish stew, surfing or kiting, you are sure visiting the most exotic atmosphere in Croatia.

Neretva delta is largest and only true delta of Croatia. It’s a place of true natural beauty made by this remarkable river on it’s journey from source to this Delta. And it’s not just vegetation, Neretva valley is rich with life too. With more than 300 bird species, this valley is second largest living ornithological area in Europe. Perfect for bird lovers since the birdwatching point has beed made in previous years. Neretva delta has many canals that make a real labyrinth. These canals can be toured via the traditional boat tours. While some in the Neretva delta find a paradise for kiters and surfers, others for agriculture, the others for rowing, some will feel the exotic atmosphere of the floodplains through which you can ride through the sedge. In fact, the beauty of a trip to the estuary of the Neretva is precisely in this exclusive contact with the river.

On the way to the estuary, which is about twenty kilometers away, you will pass Bašćina Lakes. There you can find recreation in boats, kayaking and rowing, cycling, but also beautiful nature.

The area from Metković to the estuary, which is covered by the Neretva delta, has been under UNESCO protection since 1992. It originally consisted of 12 tributaries, and now it looks different due to the cultivation of the terrain, so the swamp lost eight tributaries and was turned into agricultural land. To an end point you can’t miss it and you will always return there sporadically for the rest of your life.

The Neretva Delta is the perfect place to enjoy the sun and the sea, it has a lot to offer and the most beautiful memories are created here.

Why to choose Komin for your stay? Komin still has a touch of the past times in it. Some of the old houses still remain like in the old times. Locals are very welcoming here, they’ll make sure you lack nothing.It’s in the heart of the Neretva valley, situated just on the shore. It’s close to everything, Neretva river mouth is just 15 minutes of drive away and larger cities like Ploče, Opuzen and Metković just 20 minutes away. It’s a perfect place to stay even if you want to visit some of the most famous cities in Croatia such as Dubrovnik and Split. Here you will find a wealth of flavors and peace not far from the world's hit destinations.

When you visit any place you need to try some of local food specialities. a blend of a river and a sea it’s logical that a fish and sea food is being the most present. Locals have been eating fish for a centuries now and they have many different ways of preparing it. Eel is also a traditional meal that can be prepared in many ways. But not all the food comes from the sea. Neretva valley is one of the most fertile areas in Croatia so you can taste many “ground” food as well. Valley is famous for it’s mandarine plantations and many other Mediterranean fruit is domestic here. 

Beautiful spot, surrounded by Neretva river, Adriatic sea and few small villages, still unknown at kiteboarding world map. Daily thermal winds, beautiful beaches, flat and shallow water, delicious wines & food will make kiters and non-kiters coming back for more!

Kiteboarding Komin Neretva is the first kiteboarding spot, club & local school in Neretva surfin' since 2008!The season runs from May to September, be sure to catch the best mediterranean winds!

Neretva is paradise! White sandy beaches and tangerine trees everywhere.It’s a picture postcard destination with good winds, epic flat water on the inside and small waves.

Welcome to Neretva – golden valley of Croatia. It’s a place where you can see and experience so much. Neretva will leave you breathless and provides you thrilling adventures.













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