Nature Park Kamenjak

Nature Park Kamenjak

Nature Park Kamenjak is the southernmost part of Istria, a peninsula about 9 km long, very indented coastline about 30 km long full of bays, capes and beaches. It is intertwined with a network of dusty roads and paths that lead to even the most remote parts. It is a significant part of Istria, which with its natural resources attracts visitors from all over the world, throughout the year.

Kamenjak is cared for by the Public Institution for the Protection of Natural Values in the Municipality of Medulin "Kamenjak" (JU Kamenjak). Donji Kamenjak and the Medulin archipelago are a protected area with numerous plant and animal species and the coastal part consists of more than 30 picturesque bays lamented by the crystal clear and clean Adriatic Sea. How clean the sea around Kamenjak is also shown by the fact that in recent years Mediterranean seal have been seen around it more and more often, a species known for mostly going where the water is of the best quality. In order to complete the experience of the perfect place for rest of body and soul, there are 11 uninhabited islands together with the island of Porer, where there is a lighthouse on the cliff of the same name. Near Porer there is the islet of Fenoliga where you can see the footprint of a dinosaur. A little further south is the Albanež shoal, along which there are good places for fishing, and while fishing here you will often see dolphins. The vegetation is typically Mediterranean, with a lot of low vegetation, pine forests and cultivated land. What Kamenjak is best known for is its miraculous nature. As soon as you reach the coast, you know why it comes from - white rocks are all around you, but Kamenjak is actually a green peninsula with 600 different plant species, especially orchids with more than 30 species, 13 of which are strictly protected, while are two endemic species. The fauna does not lag behind the flora, because 50 species of diurnal butterflies, 150 species of birds have been recorded, and it is also rich in numerous species of reptiles, amphibians and birds. Both the mainland and the seabed of Cape Kamenjak are inhabited by exceptional plant and animal species, from algae and shellfish to fish and the Mediterranean seal. The Mediterranean seal, as well as the long-billed cavalry, the noble periscope, the fingerling and others, are strictly protected species.

With its climatic characteristics, Kamenjak really differs significantly from the surrounding area. Entering the peninsula, you arrive in an area of true Mediterranean climate, which is more pronounced than in any other part of Istria. Such a special microclimate has developed due to the fact that Kamenjak is completely surrounded by the sea on three sides, while it is very narrow and low, so the clouds over it stay very short.

In 2012, the well-known and respected tourist guide Lonely Planet included Cape Kamenjak in the list of the most hidden beaches in the world and defined it as one of the most private and authentic places in the Mediterranean, where you feel like you are on top of the world. Every year Kamenjak is visited by more than half a million visitors and almost everyone who came once returns enchanted by the natural beauty and positive energy of this unique location.


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