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Lokrum - a green oasis of peace near Dubrovnik

Lokrum - a green oasis of peace near Dubrovnik

The green romantic island of Lokrum, an oasis of peace, is located in front of the old town of Dubrovnik and is one of the most popular destinations in the Dubrovnik area.

With its sunny bays, the scent of the sea, the most exuberant subtropical vegetation, walks along the shady paths and the Benedictine monastery, it gives visitors an unforgettable impression. An island for rest, fun and a short escape from the busy everyday life. Each visit to Lokrum is a journey not only through the stunning nature and history, mystical in many segments, but also the entry into Lokrum mystery, peace and tranquility.

Lokrum beaches are very attractive and spread all over the island, so all those who go exploring this evergreen island will find numerous bays where they can be in the turquoise blue sea for a moment while enjoying swimming, diving or some other activities. On the south side is a Dead Sea, which is connected to the open sea by a submarine passage and is especially suitable for bathing children and non-swimmers.

At the highest point of the island is the Royal Fort, which is today the viewpoint fortress that is undoubtedly breathtaking, with the most beautiful views to the Dubrovnik, Cavtat and the islands.

Lokrum is a special reserve of forest vegetation and a protected Nature Park under the protection of UNESCO. The paths of Lokrum will take you through a botanical garden of 800 species of herbs, trees and shrubs from Australia, South America, Africa and other parts of the world, an interesting collection of eucalyptus, cactus and succulents. Some Lokrum plants belong to the group of rare and protected species of the Croatian flora. You will be enchanted by the pine and black ash forest, the Aleppo pine forest, the old olive grove preserved from the time of Benedictine rule of the island and gardens and parks.

Except rich flora in Lokrum, there are also rich fauna, especially birds, with 156 bird species. Such a large number of bird species recorded at Lokrum is a consequence of the favorable geographical location and vegetation characteristics of the island, but it was also greatly influenced by the fact that for many years ornithological material was collected there, as well as bird watching and ringing. The rich Lokrum fauna is also composed of numerous butterflies and bats.

The route will also take you to the remains of the Basilica (12th / 13th c.), the monastery with the cloister garden (15th / 16th c.) and the summer residence of Maximilian Habsburg (19th c.) with gardens and a park.

But beneath the calming surface that the island radiates, lies a very tumultuous and exciting past with various terrible legends. One of them is the one about the Benedictines who owned the whole island and turned it into a paradise on earth. After losing their home, the Benedictines circled the island three times with candles turned upside down; according to the legend, the one who collects all the wax will break the ancient curse. The various rulers and kings who resided on the island ended up infamous, killed in fires, committed suicide, executed.

Lately, Lokrum is also being visited by some new visitors, who are fans of the Game of Thrones series as part of the movie set was also located on Lokrum. The Game of Thrones exhibition is an unavoidable location for a large number of visitors who come individually and do not miss to sit on the popular Iron Throne. Then a very attractive exhibition of Richard the Lionheart in the basement of the Benedictine monastery. The exhibition is multimedia, and these legends are infused with sound, image, video projections and scents. 

However, enjoyment of this natural and historical harmony is limited, because with the last boat in the evening, all visitors must leave the island, while only firefighters who look after the island and employees of the Lokrum Reserve Public Institution can sleep on it.

Don't take anything from Lokrum. Neither a peacock's pen nor a leaf picked up in the Botanical Garden, because what you took from the island still belongs to it. And it brings misfortune to the new owner. This is the advice of many Dubrovnik people, sometimes fueled by superstition and sometimes respect for one of the most beautiful islands on the Adriatic.

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