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Krk - the best small town to live

Krk - the best small town to live

Although the quality of life is very subjective and in the eye of the beholder, there are still very objective, measurable economic and social indicators that speak about the quality of life and meeting the various needs of citizens within an environment such as: education, environment and culture, average employment, poverty rate and an index of general population movement.

Out of 128 cities in Croatia, Krk has held the title of the best small town in terms of quality of life for the third year in a row. Last year, the city of Krk was the only city in Croatia that was first in two categories, in quality of life and economy, and this year it was a finalist in all three categories and won first place in the quality of life category. The city of Krk has already stood out from the competition of other Croatian, especially island communities, in terms of quality of everyday life and overall life satisfaction of its inhabitants.

Emigration of inhabitants from the town of Krk is very rare, only one inhabitant per thousand of them moves to another town or another state. The city of Krk is one of the few cities in Croatia that has had a positive birth rate in the last decade.

Other categories such as the economy are also important. Out of 7000 people living in Krk, there are more than 700 registered entrepreneurs, which means that there is one registered legal entity for every tenth inhabitant. Investments are being made in the renovation of kindergartens and schools, care is being taken to separate and remove waste, and the income in the budget is increasing from year to year.

The City of Krk, through communal infrastructure, housing, safety, health and environmental standards, various social facilities and the education and social security system, seeks to encourage development and contribute to the improvement of all factors affecting quality of life, construction of new roads and accompanying communal infrastructure. The city of Krk has a model of ecologically based waste disposal, the construction of apartments has been completed, it has a drainage and wastewater treatment system and electromobility. The City of Krk provides support to parents of newborn children, co-finances the costs of preschoolers stay in kindergartens, as well as the purchase of school supplies and scholarships for the best high school and university students. It has convincingly taken the leading position on the list of the fastest growing cities in terms of relative growth, ie the increase of its inhabitants in relation to their previous number.

In many ways, the city of Krk can be an example and an incentive for other cities to improve the lives of their citizens.







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