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Health tourism on the island of vitality

Health tourism on the island of vitality

Health tourism uses natural healing factors due to their beneficial effect on maintaining health and improving the quality of life, as well as prevention, treatment and recovery from various diseases.

The air on this island of vitality Lošinj, is in the 1st quality category, and it is made up of sea salt and other minerals from the Adriatic Sea, as well as scattered drops of essential oils of medicinal Mediterranean plants. Lošinj has a tradition of health tourism for more than 125 years. Thanks to the mild Mediterranean climate with more than 2600 hours of sunshine a year, the abundance of aerosols in the air, pine forests, high quality sea and category 1 air, is an ideal place to invigorate the soul and body throughout the year.

Favorable climatic conditions on the island of Lošinj were recognized as early as the end of the 19th century by prominent Viennese medical experts, which was confirmed by Dr. Conrad Clar and prof. Ambroz Haračić. Therefore, in 1892, Veli and Mali Lošinj were declared climatic health resorts and convalescent homes by the provincial law of the Austrian government in Vienna. Many members of the imperial house of the Habsburgs, such as Emperor Francis Joseph, Empress Elizabeth, the Archduke, the imperial courtiers and aristocracy, and wealthy members of the stronger bourgeoisie, came to stay on Lošinj.

That is why the island is known worldwide today as a climatic health resort. The combination of the scents of dense pine forest and medicinal herbs and sea aerosols create a unique outdoor aromatherapy. Numerous plant and animal species have found their home on Lošinj. 1018 plant species have been identified, of which 939 species belong to the autochthonous flora. Of these, 230 species are medicinal plants. About 80 species, mostly exotic plants, were brought from other parts of the world. In November you can smell olives, wild roses and quinces, while in December you can smell pine, agave and spruce. In addition to pine trees, along the Lošinj promenades we find a lot of evergreen trees with light green needles and reddish bark, tamaris whose juice soothes coughs. The most natural aromatherapy preparation of aromatic herbs and sea water is sea mist, a natural sea aerosol.

Today, Lošinj has two protected forest parks Pod Javori and Čikat forest park. They affect the local climate in many ways, emit large amounts of oxygen, protect the soil from erosion, aromatize the aerosol, protect promenades by the sea from excessive insolation and wind, and keep the water layer below the soil surface. Today, the dense pine forest of Lošinj is a symbol of the island and an invaluable value for its tourist development.

The island of Lošinj is home to geckos that are an endangered, legally protected species. Dolphins are frequent visitors, playful and ready for contact with humans, unlike some waters of neighboring countries where they have completely disappeared. They are outstanding biological indicators of the state of the environment in which they live.

Lošinj has all the necessary climatic and natural conditions for people who need to improve their health or just recover from a harmful or stressful area in a place ideal for "recharging batteries". Many people come to Lošinj precisely because of respiratory problems, so it can rightly be considered a health oasis.


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