Game of Thrones Locations

Game of Thrones Locations

Popular locations from the "Game of Thrones" in Croatia

Croatian jewel Dubrovnik played a role of the capital city of Seven Kingdoms from one of the most famous series of the modern age "Game of Thrones". No special effects were needed that Dubrovnik gain the appearance of a dangerous and powerful city of King's Landing. The narrow streets, churches and thick walls for the filming were perfect just like they are.

We believe that you all know about Dubrovnik, but did you know that the scenes of this mega-popular series were filmed on several other locations of Croatia? Below you will find out which are the locations why so many tourists and fans of the series arrive in Croatia.


St. Dominic street

The small winding street of St. Dominic was the perfect choice to capture the scene of the murder of the illegitimate sons of Robert as well as the walk of shame of Cersei Lannister.


One of the most beautiful locations from which you can see the fortresses of Lovrijenac and Bokar is the Pile - the western entrance to Dubrovnik. This location in the series takes over the role of Blackwater Bay from which Shae and Sansa Stark observe the sailing of the ships.

Ethnographic Museum

The fascinating Dubrovnik building from the 16th century in the series has the role of a brothel where Tyrion Lannister meets Oberyn Martell. The dark and muffled atmosphere in reality does not seem lewd. Indeed, visitors have the opportunity to walk through the tunnels and watch the handicrafts and folk costumes.

Fortress Bokar

The fairytale building, Fortress Bokar, takes its role in the second and third seasons, and is especially noticeable during the conversation between Varys and Tyrion on the defeat of Stannis Baratheon's army. In reality, this medieval fortress on the Dubrovnik walls is open to visitors during the whole year.

Lokrum Island

About 600 meters from the mainland, lies the town of "Qarth", or the island of Lokrum. Here Daenerys Targaryen is awaiting Spice King knowing that he was in danger. In real life, Lokrum is also an extremely mysterious site. The legend says that English King Richard of Lion's heart after the war and shipwreck found his shelter in Lokrum.

Arboretum Trsteno

Just twenty minutes from Dubrovnik, the oldest arboretum of this part of Europe is located. From here is provided an impressive view of the Adriatic, and there are filmed scenes from King's Landing palace, castle and gardens. Fountain with pool and statue of Neptune are just some of the spectacular scenes.


Diocletian's Palace

Numerous scenes with Daenerys have been filmed in Diocletian's Palace. She is here in the throne and trains her dragons. Her slaves are around the fire devising conspiracy and thinking about fighting against her. This antique palace was built around 300 year, and today visitors can walk through the renovated cellars and tunnels.

Fortress Klis

The city of Meereen, which Daenerys conquers, in reality is the impressive medieval fortress Klis. It is only twenty minutes away from Split and because of its strategic position, Klis has for centuries been the main battlefield for power.


Cathedral and Fortress Kamerlengo

The imposing cathedral and Fortress Kamerlengo have taken the role of the Qarth commercial port as well as the "most celebrated" city in the world. This is a place where the rulers of Qarth imprisoned Daenery's dragons just before the terrible revenge has happened.

Kaštel Gomilica

The castle built by Benedictine Sisters in the Middle Age became the town of Bravoos at the end of the fourth season of the series. Arya Stark went to Bravoos, changed the name to Cat and lived there with the fisherman Brusco and his daughters.


The Renaissance Croatian town of Šibenik gets its role in the series in the fifth season when it becomes a town of Bravoos . Fans might be fascinated by the fact that people from Bravoos are skillful swordsmen and sailors just as old locals from Šibenik were.

Cathedral of St. James

If you want to experience scene where Arya follows Meryn Trant and Bravoos people come in front of the cathedral of St. James in Šibenik.

Port Mandroć

A small fishing port, Mandroć, was the port of Bravoos you could see in the second episode when Arya entered the merchant city-state.

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