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Free attractions, events and festivals in Croatia

Free attractions, events and festivals in Croatia

When you're planning a journey, you can often find excellent offers that include cheap accommodation and airline tickets, but what about the activities you'll be doing at some destination? It is very important to make a detailed plan so you can spend your money on sights and attractions that really interest you. Museums, galleries and fortresses are very expensive in popular tourist destinations.

And that's ok, some people can afford this visit and those who can't will find something else. That is why we decided to tell you good news - Croatia offers a lot of content to its visitors for free! Below we decided to point out a some places, manifestations and festivals you definitely have to visit, and you won't pay anything!

Diocletian's Palace

If you have decided to visit Split, then you've probably heard about the famous Diocletian's Palace. And for all those who didn't, it is one of the most preserved Roman complexes that with its mystery and uniqueness wins the hearts of visitors from all over the world.

Although many tourists decide to pay for a tour guide here, you can also choose a "free" variant. Walk through the stone streets, discover the exit from the "labyrinth" and find the unique scenes for the photos.

Many attractions such as Peristyle and Egyptian Sphinx are hidden inside the palace, so don't miss out any of its hidden corners.



One of the characteristics of Roman architecture is Kalelarga (street) which almost all Dalmatian cities have. Now you maybe wonder what is so special about this street, and after you pass it, you will realize that it's not just an ordinary street.

Kalelarga is much more than the classic city streets. This place is enriched with music, laughter, the crowds, the richest gastronomic offer, the churches and buildings that will take you back to the past, an ideal place for afternoon family gatherings and romantic night strolls, the main gathering place for the local population and a place where various events are often organized which you can attend for free.

Certainly, we recommend the stroll in Kalelarga in Zadar and Šibenik to feel a real Mediterranean experience!


Sea Organ and Greetings to the Sun

And when we mentioned Zadar, we have to also mention two main Zadar attractions that you will not have to pay for and they will surely leave you breathless.

These are the magical Sea Organ located on Riva that produce beautiful sounds due to waves, as well as Greetings to the Sun, whose wonderful colors in the evening will amaze you!


Jazz Festival in Makarska

Croatia can boast a large number of festivals for which you will not have to pay absolutely anything.

When we say the word 'festival', most people's first association is spending a lot of money and booking tickets a few months earlier, but in our coastal towns you can enjoy the festivals for zero kuna, and fun is guaranteed.

Sounds impossible? Then you definitely have to visit the Jazz Festival in Makarska, which lasts for three days and from the summer to summer, delights all the lovers of this kind of music.


Makarska is obviously a city of great heart that cares for the pleasure of its visitors and inhabitants, so you will be able to attend one more cultural event here that doesn't cost anything. It is about MaFest, a comic festival that has a fantastic program for adults and kids.


And what if we tell you that you can also be part of one of the most popular alternative theater festivals in Europe?

It is true, at the so-called PUF in Pula connects artists from all over the world to perform some of their finest arts, works, performances and shows right here.


'Grafiti na gradele' festival

Although the islands are often known as places that organize some of the finest festivals, they are also known as places where you will spend a lot of money for the festival ticket.

Brač decided to counteract this fact, so it organized a free street art festival 'Grafiti na gradele', thanks to which the island gets a whole new look, a multitude of colors, graffiti and unusual works of art.


‘Rab fjera’ fair

If you are a fan of fairs, then it's time to be part of Rab's fair in July that will bring you back to the Middle Ages. Diverse workshops, concerts, and traditional knight tournaments for two days transform Rab into a completely different place.

And of course, you will not have to spend any money to visit this wonderful fair.


Senj Summer Carnival

Unlike other places where carnival is usually held in February, Senj's carnival starts in August.

A few thousand people in colorful and interesting costumes are walking in procession and every visitor will surely bring lovely memory from this wonderful and unusual carnival.


Local feasts

Our coastal destinations are known as places of great fun and parties until early morning hours. Besides cafes, bars and clubs, almost every place has its own feast.

From Umag to Cavtat there are many fisherman's and city feasts, and theoretically, you can enjoy them without having to reach for a wallet.

But, you will probably want to taste a glass of homemade wine, ham, cheese, popcorn, pancakes or maybe cotton candy that you can find on this kind of events. 


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