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Dubrovnik on a movie set

Dubrovnik on a movie set

Over the past few years Croatia, and especially Dalmatia, was a film set of numerous Hollywood blockbusters and hit-series. In Croatia, the Robin Hood and Star Wars were made, also "Mamma mia", and the popularity of the Dubrovnik region after the "Games of the Throne" can literally be measured in millions of euros.

Even if you join the fact that recording of the 25th sequel of the most famous secret agent James Bond, in the town under Srđ, was just under negotiations, Croatia could capitalize in the amount of tens of millions of dollars worth. That’s huge.

It seems that Dubrovnik has become a favorite destination for recording the biggest Hollywood blockbusters and many of film team chooses it.

The shooting of the 8th season of the "Games of Throne" series has just begaun these days in Dubrovnik and it will last until August.

With his return to Dubrovnik, the crew of the series gave a special recognition to their favorite location. One of the most popular series in the world, "The Throne Game" started shooting in 2011. from the 2nd season in Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik was chosen as the location for King's Landing, the fictional capital of the seven kingdoms that frequently appears in the series. The rich and extremely preserved Dubrovnik cultural and architectural heritage is ideally suited to the medieval context of the series, which is why the sights of Dubrovnik city walls, Lovrijenac and Lokrum often appear in the series, and some scenes were shoot in Split, Klis fortress, Trogir and Šibenik.

The "Throne Games" shooting locations have become an excellent source of money, of the hundreds of thousands of lovers in the Throne Game who have gone to Dubrovnik for just that reason. And there is no need to talk about the achieved tourist results in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County. According to them, only for that reason, Dubrovnik-Neretva County has visited an average of 60,000 tourists more annually in the period from 2012 to 2015 every year.

And what is most interesting to tourists are "behind the scene" locations that you will meet and experience only with a local and well-known tourist guide. Well, if you have not visited Dubrovnik yet and you are in love with the series, now it’s an ideal time to visit the city under Srđ. Walking around the city you might run into some famous Hollywood star, ask for an autograph and what is “a must” –make a selfie!

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