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Dragon's eye of the beautiful Rogoznica

Dragon's eye of the beautiful Rogoznica

If you are spending your summer vacation in Rogoznica, a wonderful tourist destination located halfway between Split and Šibenik, you should never go home without visiting one of the greatest hydrogeomorphological phenomena ever. It is about the Dragon's Eye, ie the lake located near the marina Frapa, one of the most beautiful Adriatic marinas.

This specific lake and its 15 meters depth hides many really interesting stories and legends about the heroes of Greek mythology, unusual creatures like dragons, and even aliens are mentioned! Below we reveal to you what is so special about the story of the Dragon's Eye, which is why it has become an unavoidable destination for every tourist.

Legends told by many after visiting the Dragon's Eye

Among the many legends associated with this lake and retold from generation to generation, we decided to single out a few that are especially etched in our memory.

The first legend says that the dragon Murin lived in this area - the son of the sea god Poseidon and the goddess Hera. Being their illegitimate son, he set various threats and conditions. One of the conditions was to marry the most beautiful girl in order to kill her on their first wedding night.

However, suddenly one day Aristoles appears who falls in love with the most beautiful girl and a fight ensues. During the duel, the dragon was defeated and in the moments of last suffering he dug his own eyes out with his own claws. While he cast one eye behind the island of Mljet, the other fell below him, melted the rocks, and the resulting hollow filled with the sea.

The happy ending of this legend awakened in the people the belief that every couple in love who bathes in the Dragon's Eye will be eternally happy, in love and loved.

Another legend tells the story of two brothers and their struggle for inheritance. One brother was blind and the other brother decided to deceive him during the division of the inheritance. The blind man did not believe his brother and uttered the words that both of them had inherited: "Let everything become a lake, if you have unjustly divided it!" And so it was.

And the third legend was created at more recent and modern times, and the main role was taken by aliens. Several people claim that this is where the spaceship crashed and that the aliens are sending their signals which is why the lake is boiling and all the flora and fauna is simply dying and withering.

And what does the science say about the Dragon's Eye?

Of course, scientists have different theories than all the legends together. The depression at this place was formed as a result of the collapse of the cave, and after the last ice age it was filled with water. Although there is no visible connection between the lake and the sea, the water in the lake is salty due to numerous cracks in the porous limestone.

The dragon's eye consists of several amazing colors, or layers of water. While the surface is dominated by blue and green, the central part is green and yellow.

As for the boiling of the lake, scientists say that it is not about the awakening of the dragon or space signals, but about conditions in which there is no oxygen, which, among other things, kills the flora and fauna. Fortunately, the flora and fauna of the Dragon's Eye has fully adapted to the extreme living conditions of this ecosystem and is self-renewing.

Every year during the summer season since 2015, the event "Awakening of the Dragon" is held to revive and preserve the legend of Lake Zmajevo oko, which represents the cultural and historical heritage of Rogoznica, with the ultimate goal of creating a recognizable tourist product for Rogoznica and Šibenik-Knin counties.

"Awakening of the Dragon" is a unique staging of the ancient legend about Lake Zmajevo oko and the dragon Murina, and it is held on the Rogoznica waterfront. The event stages a story of true love that transforms the world, a story of courage, loyalty and the victory of good over evil.

If you are wondering if you can swim in this lake - of course you can! In fact, due to the exceptional warm water, the lake is more than ideal for swimming and all divers can enjoy jumping from the surrounding rocks.

Take a swimm in the pupil of the Dragon's Eye!


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