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Dinara has become the new Nature Park in Croatia

Dinara has become the new Nature Park in Croatia

Dinara Nature Park is the 12th Nature Park in the Republic of Croatia and, together with 8 national parks, completes a set of 20 such protected areas.

The Dinara karst is a phenomenon recognized at the international level that covers a much wider area, and it was named after the Dinara as a typical locality. It is the most valuable natural karst unit in the world.

The name Dinara from stories in the past says that it was named after an Illyrian tribe whose members were called Dindari who lived on the east side of the mountain.

The nature park itself includes the area of the Dinara massif, which includes the Croatian side of Troglav, Kamešnica and the Dinara itself, while their company will create the source and upper course of the river Cetina along the karst fields Vrličko, Paško and Hrvatačko, as well as the source of the river Krka. This is a new 63,052 hectares for research, and it is important to know that the largest part is territorially located in the Split-Dalmatia County, with a smaller part in the Šibenik-Knin County.

Dinara is also a natural border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the highest peak of the Dinara massif is Troglav with 1913 meters above sea level, which is located on the territory of our neighbors. The mountain opens to a wider mountaineering community (there are 7 hiking trails available to you) that will be able to enjoy the rocks, long slopes, meadows and forests of the Dinara.

The Dinara area is extremely rich in endemic and endangered species. It is home to over 1000 plant species (one fifth of the total Croatian flora), of which 75 are national endemics. Over 20 endemic species of animals are known, including one mammal - the Dinaric vole. On the Dinara is the highest peak of the Republic of Croatia - Sinjal (1831 m). There are 11 areas of the ecological network in the area of the Dinara Nature Park (2 areas for birds and 9 for species and habitats), so that 87% of the area of the Dinara Nature Park is also an area of the Natura 2000 ecological network. tradition, indigenous breeds, and a rich cultural and historical heritage that has been preserved in numerous cultural and historical sites and archaeological sites.

Dinara is not only a mountain that stretches east of Knin to the north of Lake Peručko, but also an 84-kilometer-long mountain massif where the Dinara company is made by the Troglav and Kamešnica mountains. Especially exciting for all those eager for adventure is exploring the Via Dinarica tour, a hiking and walking trail through three parallel routes. Blue that leads along the Adriatic coast, white that leads to the heights and green that will introduce you to the interior of the Dinarides. Along the way you will pass through the national parks Risnjak, Krka, Mljet, Northern Velebit, Paklenica, Plitvice Lakes and nature parks Biokovo, Vrana Lake, Velebit and Učka.

In addition to being intended for mountaineers, cyclists and other excursionists who visit the Dinarides as tourists, it is also a platform for the development and improvement of living and working conditions for people living in the Dinarides. One of the basic goals of the project is, in addition to mountaineering activities, to promote the local economy and thus bring tourists closer to local food, accommodation and various services.

The protection of the Dinara massif in the category of nature park is of special interest to the Republic of Croatia in order to preserve the original natural values, rich geodiversity, wild species and endemics and the overall diversity of natural habitats such as water habitats of the Krka and Cetina rivers with their tributaries, wetlands, rocks and taps, forest and cave habitats and other natural values ​​derived from the centuries-old tradition of human use of space, semi-natural habitats, indigenous breeds and varieties and rich cultural and historical heritage preserved in numerous archaeological finds and cultural and historical sites.



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