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Croatian picnic places to visit

Croatian picnic places to visit

Leisure is the best time to spend in nature. Speaking of that, Croatia is a real treasure trove of valuable gems, from continental places to those on the shores of the Adriatic Sea.

Goodwill and an adventurous spirit is all you need. Numerous locations in our beautiful country will give you a short break from everyday life and you will remember the special experience for a long time. From mountains to lakes, nature parks, from cycling routes to hiking, from enjoying gastro delicacies to well-deserved wellness, to visiting rural estates - there are so many choices. One thing is for sure - whatever you choose will give you a break from the hectic everyday life, smog and technology.

We are presenting you picnic locations covered by our webcams, so you can take a peek into the beautiful scenery and make it easier to choose the location to which you are visiting.

The beauty and charm of Bale in Istria, the beautiful streets, the scent of the sea and the Mediterranean vegetation, as well as the beautiful sunsets are definitely something everyone should experience. Fascinating meadows full of flowers and butterflies you might not see anywhere else in the world, as many as 390 butterflies, which is why it is often called the "butterfly community". The place is full of sights and archeological places, numerous hiking and biking trails. The specific Gothic-Renaissance building, the Soardo-Bembo Palace, is the most significant building in Bale. Bale is a treasure trove of autochthonous olive species and fine wines and cheese. Another of Bale's wonders is its pristine coastline that will really impress you. If you are a fan of camping, you can spend a superb vacation at the Mon Perin camping.

Brijuni - a true Istrian gem, National Park. The group of Brijuni islands consists of two larger islands, Veli and Mali Brijun and 12 islands. Only 3 km wide from the Istrian coast separates the Fažana Channel. Brijuni archipelago today is certainly one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Croatia, where within the framework of scientific tourism paleontological findings of traces of dinosaur movements occupy an important place. Look for a holiday in the picturesque scenery of the countryside, in the scent of pine trees between Brijuni and Fažana in the tourist resort BiVillage that offers unique experience.

Vrana Lake, a natural phenomenon - two different bluenesses at such a small distance are rarely a visible phenomenon. And on the shore of the lake, in the Nature Park, lies the Camp Crkvine. The perfect place for a relaxing or active holiday and enjoying the magical world of fresh and sea water, for all nature and bird lovers, and above all a paradise for families of cyclists and fishermen. Situated in this unique oasis, you can really enjoy a variety of activities: fishing, bird watching, cycling or walking.

Forest Park and Castle Trakošćan - pearl of the Croatian Zagorje One of the most beautiful castles in Croatia but also in Europe. Castle Trakošćan is a former residential castle and today it is a museum full of interesting historical contents surrounded by a green meadow and a beautiful lake. Discover the natural values of the Trakošćan Park Forest and its surroundings by taking a 20-point educational trail “Put Vila”. In about 5 kilometers you will need two hours of easy walking and take a break in the fishing lodge, which is also an info point. You will enjoy the tranquility and beauty of Hrvatsko Zagorje. And after sightseeing, look for a vacation at the Hotel Trakošćan which includes tennis and basketball courts, volleyball and mini golf courses, a restaurant with the finest delicacies and a wellness center for relaxation.

The green heart of Croatia, a city full of attractions in summer and winter, a city rich in natural beauty and cultural heritage - the city of Delnice. In addition to its rich cultural and historical heritage, Delnice boasts numerous natural beauties and attractions. Nearby is the Risnjak National Park and Kupa Valley, and Lokvarsko Lake with a rich offer of active holidays. Petehovac Mountain Center - the cradle of Croatian hiking and skiing is located above Delnice at an altitude of 1050 m. Due to its exceptional beauty in 1963, the area has been protected and proclaimed a significant landscape. Here is located a football field that is unique in Croatia, where for many years the most famous football, basketball and handball clubs, such as Rijeka, Dinamo, Hajduk, Cibona, etc. were trained and trained in winter. sledding and hiking, hiking or biking in the summer. All those eager for adrenaline, can try their hand at jumping on Japlenski vrh.

Zeleni vir is a protected landscape, a geomorphological reserve. The green spring (345 m) is a powerful spring at the bottom of a shallow cave, located at the foot of a 70-meter-high, layered rock, down a stream that breaks down a stream, shattering the entrance of thousands of drops. The Devil's Pass is also located here. Many consider it one of the most wonderful appetizers in our country. Zeleni vir Mountain Lodge is located at the very beginning of the trails towards Zeleni vir and Devil's Passage. The lodge is the starting point of the adventure that awaits you entering the primeval wilderness, which you hike through the narrow canyons enchanted by the many bridges you will pass on a tour of the picnic area.

At the point where the rivers Slunjčica and Korana merge, the beautiful town watermill settlement Rastoke, which is also called Small Plitvice, was created. Because of their architectural, ethnographic and natural value, Rastoke has been entered in the Register of Immovable Cultural Monuments for over 40 years. The most famous waterfalls in Buk and Vilina Hair are beautiful blue-green. The easiest way to reach them is through the tourist complex Pod Rastočkim krovom . Visit this natural pearl and you will enjoy it any time of the year. In winter, they are enchanted by the ice and the snow that covers the meadows, in the spring by the awakening of nature, and in the summer and in the autumn by the colors.

Klek is the cradle of Croatian mountaineering. It is located above the Ogulin basin within the Velika Kapela Mountain, 1182 m high. During good visibility, you can see Zagreb about 100 kilometers away from the top of Klek. According to the legends, there is a witch empire on Klek, which have become a symbol of Klek and Ogulin, and there is no peak in all of Croatia to which so many legends are related. And when you get tired of hiking, go down to the City of Ogulin at the foot of Klek. Ogulin is a unique Croatian town located in the heart of Croatia and is admired by the visitors for its rich cultural heritage, natural beauties and interesting stories, which is why Ogulin is often called 'the city of legends and fairy tales'. Whether you want to experience the mountaineering on Klek, ride a bike, enjoy water challenges on Sabljaci Lake, explore the long Đula-Medvedica cave or visit the Frankopan Castle and Ivana's Fairytale House, an unforgettable fun is guaranteed!

Kalnik Mountain in the Croatian Zagorje, the central part with bare rocks and targets many hikers and climbers like. Kalnik is full of hiking trails, but the most famous one is the circular instructional trail, which is about 5 kilometers long and the educational boards along the whole path reveal a wealth of interesting information. Ideal for paragliding. For rest and refreshment, visit the Kalnik Mountain Lodge located on 480 meters.

The highest peak of Medvednica, Sljeme is 1033 meters high. Mountain Medvednica is one of the most recognizable symbols of the city of Zagreb and a popular Zagreb excursion destination that can be reached by road or on foot - by hiking. At Sljeme you can enjoy the terrace with the viewpoint located above the ski slopes, where you can see the Zagorje side or refresh yourself at the Zlatni medvjed Restaurant located just below the TV tower. Sljeme is an ideal place for hiking, trekking, mountain biking and in winter months skiing, sledding, snowboarding. Numerous hiking and skiing lodges have been built in Sljeme, as well as inns, well-organized picnic areas where you can enjoy homemade food and a true hiking trip. Sljeme has been the proud host of the FIS World Cup since 2005.




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