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Croatia as wedding destination

Croatia as wedding destination

Weddings have been postponed to some other dates, trips have been paused, but our thoughts still traveling to magical destinations just waiting for the weddings to begin again. Numerous questions are faced by both the newlyweds and those around the world, as well as those who have planned their weddings this spring and summer in our Croatia.

Will our wedding be canceled, what next date looks like, when and how my wedding dress will be delivered to me, what to do with guests who are supposed to come from neighboring countries?

In the wedding industry, a new phenomenon of so-called destination weddings has recently evolved, signifying weddings held at a destination away from the bridegroom's residence, along with their guests, who usually make more than one night in that destination to attend their wedding celebration. Thanks to the natural beauties throughout Croatia, it is precisely in this form of tourism that there is great potential for Croatia to develop more intensively in this direction. Destination weddings are a worldwide trend, so this project seeks to attract foreign couples in search of the perfect wedding venue.

While some choosing an intimate celebration with just about twenty loved ones, the others celebrate their love at huge ceremonies that last for several days, and some lucky ones move to exotic areas as well, everyone still has a common desire to have the most beautiful set in which to say the promising yes.

Croatia offers a large range of just such magical places that will make them reluctant to change their minds at large and traditional wedding ceremonies. From the idyllic hills of continental Croatia to the fabulous coastal estates. Wedding organizers recognized that Croatia has everything a wedding destination should have for a wedding in the countryside, outdoors or under a tent. A wedding location should be both attractive and practical and interesting and with good accompanying infrastructure.

Weddings in nature and the natural environment are indisputably taking the lead and becoming a growing trend today. In the desire to move away from classic, ordinary and somewhat clichéd weddings, newlyweds often decide on a wedding that will be truly special and unusual.

Locally speaking, Dubrovnik and Istria are in the lead, but weddings at destination in the Adriatic are the most popular. The secret coves for the sea embrace and the scent of lavender that stretches through them, as well as the ancient streets interwoven through impressive historic buildings, are the perfect stage for celebrating eternal love and marriage. It is difficult to choose: an open air wedding under the starry sky with the sound of the waves or at the foot of the great waterfall on the Plitvice Lakes, changing the vows on the ancient walls of Dubrovnik or in a fairy-tale decorated church with the sounds of the flute on one of the many Adriatic islands ... Croatia abounds in natural beauty and sights so the possibilities for romantic dream weddings are almost limitless.

The island of Pag is an island for hedonists who will gladly escape to this paradise on the Adriatic to change their vows and enjoy all that this destination has to offer, then the sunniest island Hvar is one of the most popular wedding islands in Croatia that attracts tourists from all over the world . Vis island, natural, charming and untouched, offers the perfect location for a wedding. We have seen this beauty in the famous american movie Mamma Mia 2.

Among the attractive destinations that the newlyweds are happy to choose are certainly Veli Brijun at Brijuni National Park, Red Island near Rovinj as one of the destinations as Maistra’s offer, Lake Kozjak of Plitvice Lakes National Park. It is well known that Bale Municipality is one of the main Istrian destinations for weddings. As a place to celebrate the most important day in life, Bale chooses more and more eminent Croatian names (Franka Batelić and Vedran Ćorluka). From the continental locations we stand out Trakošćan Castle and Javor's Valley in Gorski Kotar.

No matter what situation and possible changes will appear, we are sure that we will soon enjoy beautiful weddings of our newlyweds again and that Croatia will continue to be one of the most desirable destinations for weddings to numerous foreign couples.


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