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Attractive river and lake beaches in Croatia

Attractive river and lake beaches in Croatia

Although the word "beach" is associated with the sea, sand and pebbles, the increasingly popular and visited are river and lake beaches. A few mystical pearls of inner Croatia will enchant each visitor. Camps, animators, fast food, ice creams, cafes, grills and picnics are just some of the reasons for refreshing and enjoying these green oasis.

Fogin's beach

Almost in the center of the city, on the river Korana, is situated the favorite destination of numerous locals from Karlovac-Fogin's beach. It has the title of one of the most award-winning and beautiful beaches in continental Croatia. Also, a research has shown that water here has many healing properties. Beach volleyball, basketball, table tennis, bowling and barbecue are just some of the many activities for a good time spent with family and friends.Various events and manifestations such as dance workshops, concerts, river cinemas and sports tournaments are organized here. On the beach there is also a café for drinking coffee or lemonade enjoying wonderful view of the nature and the various attractions that surround you.


Many will agree that Poloj is one of the most beautiful or maybe the most beautiful river sandy beach in Croatia. It is a sports and recreation center in Slavonski Brod along the Sava River. During the hot summer months the beach is full of swimmers, and Poloj also includes a picnic and barbecue area as well as a beach volleyball court and a small football field. Clear water, greenery and parasols are the perfect combination for pure hedonism.

Kopika on Drava

The Kopika on the Drava or how people from Osijek often called it "Osijek's Copacabana" is an ideal place to escape from the summer heat. The pleasant river temperature is perfect for refreshing, but also for enjoying the water activities. Near the river there are four open swimming pools with numerous interesting attractions such as water slides and aqua aerobics. Various workshops are organized for children, and you can also have fun by bowling or playing mini golf. The beach is open every working day from 10 am to 8 pm and it opens one hour earlier on weekends.

Island of Love

For all those who are looking for a destination that is dominated by untouched nature - this is the place for you. Compared to the other mentioned bathing resorts, there is no big crowd here, so this bathing resort is created for a 100% relax and a "battery charge" in beautiful nature. You will have the chance to experience the most beautiful face of the Mrežnica River with numerous waterfalls and small river islands. Another additional convenience of this resort is the quality and inexpensive catering offer.

Zibel on Kupa

Zibel on Kupa in the town of Sisak is the most landscaped beach on rivers in Croatia. Its rich offer consists of several sports courts, catering facilities, picnic and barbecue areas, and its appearance gives the impression of a real beach. There is a "beach bar" and basketball, football and beach volleyball courts.

Šoderica Lake

Šoderica Lake was created by excavating gravel from the Drava River and turning it into a recreational lake. Turquoise water colors, pebbles and "scattered" islets surround this Pearl of Podravina. Apart from being a fishing paradise, Šoderica is also a vacation paradise and paradise for a full day bathing. In the last few years, as part of the "Summer at Šoderica" manifestation, various activities and events are held here. Nature lovers will adore the scenes of permanent colonies of swans that completely undisturbed live on the lake.

Čabraji Lake

Only 10 km from Križevci is located Čabraji Lake. Although artificial, Čabraji Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in this part of Croatia. You probably would not even notice that it is an artificial lake because it so perfectly blended with the surrounding nature. The water temperature during summer months reaches up to 25 degrees which makes this lake ideal for swimming.There is also a rural household on the lake where you will have the opportunity to taste local autochthonous delicacies.

Orahovica Lake

Orahovica Lake is situated below the Papuk Mountain. It is an artificial lake and the most visited destination of Orahovica during the summer months. Apart from being ideal place for refreshment, the lake also organizes numerous events such as the Wine Fair, the 1st May Picnic, the Wine Marathon, the Bicycle Race, the Papuk Extreme Challenge and many others.There are also areas for barbecues, camping and sports activities. 

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