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All Saints' Day

All Saints' Day

All Saints' Day is a holiday that Catholics celebrate yearly on November 1st, a day later Soul Day is celebrated

The Feast of All Saints is a day when all the saints are celebrated, both those who have already been canonized and those who have not yet. In the people, it is also the day when we remember all those who are no longer with us and the day when the graves of the deceased are visited, and November 1 is also a non-working day in Croatia due to this holiday.

Soul Day is celebrated every year on November 2, when we remember all our deceased. On that day, visits to graves and cemeteries are a sign of attention and faith. On that day, people pray for the souls of their dear deceased, light candles on their graves for them. Soul Day or Day of the Faithful Dead is an expression of hope and faith in the afterlife.

Preparations for these days are always usually extended, so people start touring and arranging the cemetery a few days earlier.

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