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Cercle Live stream

Cercle Live stream

Cercle is a livestream media dedicated to promoting artist and space. Record and broadcast DJ kits and live shows on Facebook in carefully selected and unusual places.

Every Monday, they host an artist in a special space and live one hour live performances broadcast live on the Cercle facebook page.

At the end of the performance, he talks to the guest artist, and the online audience can ask their questions.

Some of the how organizers call them timeless events, names and places where this is being held is :
Henrik Schwarz played in front of Notre-Dame cathedral Cathédrale de Chartres, Solomun fell at Castle Château de Chambord one of the most renowned Renaissance buildings in the world, Acid Pauli played in Armenia at the Garni Temple, Fatboy Slim was entertained by audiences in the British Airways Supervisory Tower with a phenomenal view of Brighton, Tale of Us, played at the Gaulle Airport in France.

See yourself to see the incredible locations where these events take place, be sure to contact us to let you know about the next Cercle live stream, and it's already announced and will be held on Monday, June 3, 2019 in New York City, USA the carrier of the aircraft, and guests and spectators will have fun with Len Faki

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