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8 of the most beautiful caves in Croatia

8 of the most beautiful caves in Croatia

Although Croatia is commonly known as a country with beautiful beaches and crystal clear sea, all lovers of speleological facilities will also found something for themselves in our beautiful country, Croatia counts as many as ten thousand caves and pits! For security reasons, there are about forty caves opened for tourists which, for a small country like Croatia, is a significant number. If you want to explore some of the mysterious caves, it is recommended to visit it accompanying by educated

Barać Caves

In the vicinity of Plitvice Lakes, there is an extremely attractive underground world. It is about Barać caves, and the visit is organized by a guide who will give you a detailed insight into all the charms of these beautiful caves. Led lights contribute to a more beautiful sight within each cave and further highlight the beauty of numerous cave ornaments.

Apart from the ornaments, Barać's caves are also famous for archaeological remains of prehistoric objects, so all historians will absolutely love this place!

Blue cave

On the eastern side of Biševo Island, in the small bay Balun lies the Blue Cave, which you can reach by a small boat through the entrance from the outside.

What makes this cave characteristic is an impressive sight that creates the sun that passes through the underwater opening and the makes the whole interior colored in wonderful blue.

Odysseus cave

On the south side of the island of Mljet there is another very special cave. In the Odysseus cave, during the summer months, thanks to the strong sunlight, the sea takes on an incredible color spectrum that will definitely delight every visitor.

You can reach the cave by boat, even by swimming or by walking on improvised stairs.

Cave Vrelo

A truly unique cave has hidden in Fužine. A large number of cave ornaments, the source of water and the natural lake in it makes Vrelo different than other caves in Croatia.

Since it is located on an gentle slope, it is perfect for children and the older people, and the complete scenery around the cave is ideal for rest and complete relaxation in the fresh air.

Manita furnace

The only cave within Paklenica National Park where is possible to make a tour visit is Manita Peć. This cave is very spacious, and it has many stalactites, stalagmites, cascades and pillars.

There is also a very rich underground fauna, so during the visit you will be able to see different types of bats. Don' worry, you'll have the right outfit, and they will certainly not come close to you.

Cerovac caves

In the southern part of the Velebit Nature Park, there are the most popular caves in Croatia. It is about Cerovac caves, which are also the largest Croatian cave complex.

Visitors can enjoy the richness of cave ornaments and see the remains of the cave bear that once inhabited there.

Since Cerovac caves are a protected geological monument of nature, it is necessary to announce the tour earlier.

Lokvarka Cave

In a perfect natural harmony, in the center of the green Gorski Kotar there is located Lokvarka Cave. Its beauty is unique and incomparable, so it is often called the most beautiful cave of Croatian karst.

It is a cave at six levels, and even four levels are open for a tourist tour.

Apart from the specific ornaments, the Lokvarka cave is also known for its very rich animal world from which the most are endemic species.

Veternica Cave

Near the city of Zagreb, within the Medvednica Nature Park there is one of the longest caves in Croatia - Veternica Cave.

The channel is over 7,000 meters long, but the only first 380 meters are made for visitors.

The Veternica cave will provide you a very rich "offer" - from many fossils, remains of cave bear, sand dunes to erosion shapes. All the natural phenomena of this interesting cave will make your visit unforgettable!

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