8 beautiful Croatian islets

8 beautiful Croatian islets

It is not something new that Croatia has beautiful islands known all over the world, such as Hvar and Brač, but our country is also home to some smaller islands that stand out with their exceptional beauty and which are the perfect destination for a relaxing holiday. Poorly populated and not so much visited, all these islets are ideal for long walks, enjoyable boat rides and spending time on beaches of immense beauty. Below you will find eight hidden jewels of our beautiful Adriatic.

1. Veliki Brijun

A perfect peaceful oasis and an excursion point where you can enjoy exploring the remains of old Rome and dinosaur prints. There are also an ornithological park, a beautiful botanical garden, a golf course built more than a hundred years ago, and a safari park full of exotic animals. The island has no permanent inhabitants, so it is the ideal place to rest in peace and quiet.

2. Silba

Another island that can definitely boast as the location to escape from noise and traffic madness is Silba. On this island, cars are forbidden, and during the summer months even bicycles! The beaches are beautiful and peaceful, and the crystal clear sea makes Silba an excellent destination for all day swimming, sunbathing and diving.

3. Šolta

Although this island is very visible from Split, for some reason, it is not particularly visited. But believe us, it is worth visiting. On the islet lies the small town of Maslinica, a former fishing village. The town is surrounded by thick pine trees, and the former fortification has been transformed into a luxurious hotel. The view from this hotel is truly impressive, and all gastronomists will be particularly in love with this islet. Quality olive oil, honey, grapes and wine will satisfy even the most demanding palate.

4. Susak

The shallow sandy coves, the specific folk costumes and the yellowish dust make the island of Susak. And this dust is the uniqueness of this small island. There is no road on the islet but only “soft" trails and paths. Take your feet through the warm sand of Susak, swim in the beautiful sea and feel a unique experience. There is no similar island in the whole Mediterranean!

5. Sveti Klement (St. Klement)

Only five minutes away from Hvar there is another island with no noise and cars- fragrant St. Klement. Why fragrant?

Well, in 1906, botanist Eugen Meneghello turned this island into its own secret garden, and the scents of lavender, lilies and rosemary spread all over the place.

Shortly thereafter, he built a guest house, and today there are bungalows that his grandchildren rent.

6. Proizd

On the western side of the island of Korčula lies the completely uninhabited Proizd, perfect for the escape from the summer crowds. The island has a pebble and rocky coast, and its northern side is truly impressive. There is a beach of pebbles, Bili Boci, which is considered for the most beautiful beach of the Adriatic. The beach is more than wonderful and beautifully landscaped forest paths lead to the beach.

7. Biševo

If you want to escape from the busy everyday life to the most beautiful isolation, to enjoy a relaxed holiday and a perfect compound of natural beauty, come to Biševo.

This unique islet is located south of Vis, and it's particularly recognizable by Modra špilja (Blue Cave). You can visit it by boat, and the ideal time to visit the cave is morning because then you can experience a maximum of its wonderful blue color.

8. Sveti Nikola (St. Nicholas)

Surrounded by dense pine and crystal clear sea, in the far north of Croatia is located the island of St. Nicholas. The island is completely uninhabited, and all those wishing for the perfect combination of luxury and nature can stay in a top hotel resort.

Diving fans will love this island for the purity of the sea and rich flora and fauna. During the summer months, you will have the opportunity to swim with the dolphins who are frequent guests here.

St. Nicholas is also known as the place of the oldest Croatian lighthouse.

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