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6 hidden pearls of Croatia

6 hidden pearls of Croatia

Apart from the beautiful Dubrovnik, Plitvice and other famous destinations, Croatia also has some smaller places of immense natural beauty. Therefore, we have decided to list 6 destinations you may have never heard of, and their beauty will leave you breathless.


In Nature Park Velebit is situated one of the most beautiful coves in Croatia - Zavratnica. Though it is not so well known today, in the past it was a secret summer resort of the elite from Prague and Vienna. At the beginning of the cove there are the remains of a ship from Second World War, and at the 20th century there is built path with a viewpoint and a beautiful promenade next to the sea. Velebit stone, blue shades of sea and green vegetation make the perfect blend for idyllic vacation and escape from the city crowd.

Wellhead of Una

In the place of Donja Suvaja there is the deepest karstic spring in Croatia and the fifth deepest spring in the world - the wellhead of river Una. The seemingly peaceful lake is also hiding one of the strongest springs in this area. The path leading to the wellhead is characterized by numerous viewpoints which provide an impressive view of untouched natural beauty.

The crystal clear color of water will leave you breathless, and the wellhead of Una will give you a peaceful and relaxing vacation because only about five people a day visit this lovely place.

Krčić waterfall

Near the town of Knin, just an hour from Krka National Park lies a 22 m high Krčić waterfall. If you want to visit this fascinating natural attraction, the best time to visit is the spring when the waterfall is full of water. You will also enjoy a wonderful scene in the winter when you can see frozen waterfall, while during the summer months the waterfall is completely dry. The legend says that, once, on the hill next to waterfall was a fortress that defended the bridge, and that the bridge will be rebuilt when Krčić never dry again and when there is no war anymore.

Porat Beach

On the island of Biševo lies a beautiful and peaceful sandy beach Porat. According to one Irish magazine it is included in TOP 7 the most beautiful beaches in the world. The beach is exceptionally well sheltered from strong winds, and the peace, silence and sound of the waves will create the impression that you are on a different planet, far away from civilization. It is perfect for spending time with family and loved ones.

Brbišćica Cave

A small, narrow road will take you to the Brbišćica bay, and the sea will take you to the same named cave that wins heart of every visitor. This natural phenomenon is located on the western side of the island of Dugi otok (Long island), and interesting flooded passages and caves will surely delight you. A blue color with little bit of light inside the darkness is really something special. Several diving schools will allow you to dive and experience this unique beauty.


Rastoke is one of the most beautiful watermill settlements created on the place where the Slunjčica and Korana rivers are connected. This natural pearl is surrounded by numerous waterfalls, cascades and lakes, and it is often called "Male Plitvice" (Small Plitvice). Rastoke is enchanting in every season. In spring it is full of water and greenery, in summer it is full of lively and flourishing plants, the autumn is rich in fruit and vegetables, and during the winter snow cover gives a special charm to the place. This small village simply lives in perfect harmony with a nature.

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