5 perfect locations for family vacation in Croatia

5 perfect locations for family vacation in Croatia

Our small Croatia is really rich in wonderful destinations with various interesting attractions from which everyone can find something for themselves. So families with small children can easily choose an ideal place that will be liked by adults and kids.


Zadar has many attractive facilities, sights, beaches and beauties that will undoubtedly impress all generations. This beautiful Dalmatian town has really amazing beaches. There are sandy beaches that are especially admired by small swimmers, but also pebble beaches that are mostly preferred by adults. Zadar itself, as well as its surrounding places like Sukošan, Kožino, Diklo, Ljubač and Petrčane, offer all the necessary facilities such as shops, cafes, restaurants, pastry shops, parks ... Zadar is a city which has a rich historical story. Its historic core is over 3000 years old so you will have the chance to see many cultural and historical sights. Through the beautiful Kalelarga you can enjoy in family walks, and in the evening, go to Riva and meet one of the main Zadar symbols - Greeting to the Sun. Children will be enchanted by the magical game of color and light while in the background plays lovely music of the Sea Organ.

If you want more peaceful beaches where you can enjoy with your family, visit the nearby islands of Ugljan and Pašman.


The city that every summer becomes a city of children, laugh, song, dance and joy is the city of Šibenik. Šibenik can definitely boast as a perfect place for family vacation. For all those who don't know, there is organized the International Children's Festival for more than half a century every summer.

But the festival is only a small part of what Šibenik has to offer and why it is considered as one of the best cities in Croatia for family holidays. Some of the best Adriatic beaches are right here. The town beach Banj is a pebble beach with a rich offer of content for children and adults. There are also so-called "outdoor gym" and a space for playing volleyball and basketball so all fans of sports activities will adore this place. There are also a restaurant, cafe and fast food.

And if you would like to spend a vacation in a real family resort, come to Solaris (Amadria Park). Among many accommodation offers, Solaris has a children's hotel "Hotel Andrija". The whole hotel from the facade to the complete interior is decorated with motifs and cartoon characters, the staff is dressed in colorful costumes that will cheer up every kid (and probably adults, too). And something that will also make happy every child is an aquapark which is also in the resort. This place is also great for parents. Indeed, various concerts and events are held right here and you will also be able to feel the true taste of the Mediterranean in the Ethno Village. Also, here you will have the opportunity to swim in one of the most beautiful Adriatic sandy beaches.


The island of sun and the greenest island of the Adriatic Sea is more than a perfect destination for families with small children. Even 30 sandy beaches with crystal clear sea and shallow access, numerous cultural and historical sights and rich entertainment are just some of the reasons for coming to this beautiful island.

Among the many beautiful beaches, it is especially worth mentioning Mel in Kampor. Extremely tiny sand, trampolines, volleyball courts, a separate part reserved for pets, restaurants and bars are reasons why families choose this beach. During the summer months, there are many manifestations on the island, and one of the most interesting to point out is the Krumpirfest - a manifestation in which caterers prepare and offer local autochthonous potato meals. And if you're wondering why a potato, we'll tell you. Well, the potato is a food that has fed many Rab inhabitants and for that reason, potato flower is also found in their municipal coat of arms.


Although the most part of Istria is great for family vacations, as a main and best representative, we have decided to single out Umag city. It's an urban town that offers absolutely everything a family needs for a quality vacation - beautiful beach with shade, restaurants, cafes and a large number of fun and attractive children's facilities.

Many Umag complexes can boast with large family rooms, swimming pools, and at almost every step you can rent bicycles, pedal boats and boats. Something that will be fun for kids and adults is a large Aquarium Umag where you will have the opportunity to see a really large number of sea plants and animals.

Don't leave Umag if you didn't take your kid to Squirrel Park. In the park you will be able to enjoy watching the cute little squirrels' game, and the kids will draw, make costumes and toys that will surely be a wonderful experience.


When we're talking about Brela, it is enough to point out that one American portal was declared it as a dream destination in 2014. The crystal clear sea, more than 6 km of pebble beaches, the beautiful pine forest, which is also a protected monument, numerous trails and walks and beautiful Dalmatian architecture, are really justified this title.

In Brela you can enjoy a pleasant ride on a submarine with a glass bottom or go to Cetina on rafting. During the summer months there is organized an animation program for children where kids will have fun and parents will be able to take some time for themselves. There is also an Aqua Park on mutual pleasure. Another advantage of Brela is its ideal position and proximity to other attractive locations, so you can organize one-day excursions to Hvar, Brač, Makarska, Dubrovnik or Omiš.

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