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Ban Jelačić Square in Zagreb 45.812724, 15.977790 Ban Jelačić Square in Zagreb

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The capital and also the largest Croatian city. It grew out of two medieval settlements, Gradec and Kaptol. The first written evidence of the emergence of Zagreb is associated with the 1094. when a diocese was founded on Kaptol. Zagreb Diocese was founded by the Hungarian King Ladislav Arpadovic. Other written evidence emerges 1242. when Bela IV. issued a Golden Bull, which proclaims Gradec a free royal city. It is interesting that the first population census is mentioned 1368. In 1850. Gradec and Kaptol combine with surrounding settlements into a single unit, and then begins the development of the modern city. The development of the town, which developed rapidly was slowed down by the earthquake that occurred 1880. Earthquake destroyed private properties and a cathedral. On Ban Jelacic Square in 1852. a public fountain Mandusevac was made. They begin to build the railway, and soon Zagreb is connected to Koprivnica and Karlovac, and Karlovac is connected to Rijeka. Gricki cannons first mark at noon was at January 1, 1877. At the end of the 19th century Zagreb got its first tram pulled by horses. At 1991. Croatian Parliament declares independent state of Croatia, and Zagreb became the capital of Croatia.